FREE SMS Verification Tutorial (Uber, Facebook, etc)

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FREE SMS Verification Tutorial (Uber, Facebook, etc)

Post by Admin™

Sometimes it's difficult to get your account verified whether you already
used your mobile number or you are from a country that doesn't allow for
mobile verification. This is a quick and effective way to verify an account
with a mobile number.

What you will require:
- Android Phone (or MeMu/BlueStacks on a PC)
- An account ready to be verified
- Two minutes of your time


First you will be required to download an app called '2ndLine'
from the play store on either your Android device or emulator of choice.

Once installed, open the app and your will be prompted to create an account using an email and password.

Next you will be required to choose a virtual number and select an US area code. You can find a list of US area
codes here or simply use 206 (Washington).

You have now generated a virtual US phone number and can begin using it immediately. Your number should work
on many sites which include Uber, Facebook (sometimes - prominently only when first signing up) and many more!
Some sites of course may not work but at least this is a free and easy method to attempt.

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Re: FREE SMS Verification Tutorial (Uber, Facebook, etc)

Post by Bandoboy10

nice tutorials.


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